We are Mint (Mint na Bokura) is a Japanese manga series by Wataru Yoshizumi  

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We are Mint (ミントな僕ら, Mint na Bokura) is a Japanese manga series by Wataru Yoshizumi. We are Mint centers around the life of a pair of 14-year old twins. It was initially published in July 1997 issue of Ribon Comics and ended in February 2000. It is completed in 6 volumes, while in the Spanish version; the manga is compiled into 16 volumes.
We are Mint, is a light-hearted romance manga about fraternal twins Minamino Noeru/Noel and Maria and the various love situations that occur around them. These two siblings are very close, so when Maria falls for an older guy from a different school and transfers to that school to be closer to him, Noeru - who seems to love his sister a *bit* too much - is struck by extreme jealousy. To make things worse, the school that Maria has transferred to is a boarding school, so he will no longer be able to hang out with her. Of course, Noeru won't stand for it. He decides to enter Maria's new school as well and persuade her to come back, but there is one major problem: the only open admission left is in the girl's dormitory! Supposedly, that fact alone is enough to deter any normal, proud guy, but Noeru seems to be anything but that - especially when it concerns his beloved sister. Armed with a wig (hair extension), headband, a pair of suppatsu and padded bra, Noeru resolutely masquerades as a girl and begins his new life in Morinomiya Boarding School.

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