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Sunday, September 13, 2009

From the lovely ladies at CLAMP, a tarot deck featuring their dark and brooding Kamui. The cards are way to large for me to shuffle, but they are nice to look at. The top cards have their top (ha ha) cut off while the second set of cards in the pic. have the bottoms cut off because my scanner couldn't capture the whole image. Told you they were big! I tend to only use these cards in tarot spells instead of divining with them.
The deck is much larger than others so I only use it in spell work. The cards feature characters from both sides of the struggle to either save or destroy the world. As with other anime decks, the images have no rhyme or reason for the cards they were placed on but it is a full deck of 78 cards. Lush and beautiful, you'll probably have to find these cards through an auction or at an anime con.

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