The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Wallpaper Part II  

Monday, August 15, 2011

Kyon: the main protagonist of the series, Kyon is a student who unintentionally runs into Haruhi and is the only normal human in the SOS Brigade. Even though Haruhi is the title character, the story is told through Kyon's viewpoint. Through narration and dialogue he provides his insight, perspective, and opinions on events. Kyon is often annoyed by Haruhi's demands, but also thinks that a world without Haruhi would be uninteresting. Kyon is also "John Smith" from Haruhi's earlier memories, and was the one who painted the hieroglyph in the field. Very early on Yuki, Mikuru and Itsuki each, individually, revealed what they are to Kyon.
Haruhi Suzumiya is the title character and leader of the SOS Brigade, whose energetic and eccentric character proves to be the driving force for the series. She has a mind for adventure which often leads her subordinates to be swept into her plans. While being smart, beautiful and energetic Haruhi was eyed as an oddball ever since middle school: she had set all the desks from her classroom out into the hallway, painted stars on the roofs, and even painted a huge hieroglyph out on the school field. Haruhi cannot stand boredom so she comes up with various activities for the SOS Brigade, making them participate whether they like it or not. In the 6th grade Haruhi felt she was no longer special after going to a baseball game and realizing she was one in a sea of people. After that she set out to make her life interesting and unique. What Haruhi does not know is that she has an outstanding power to change the environment around her as she pleases, and by subconsciously using it she gathers Mikuru Asahina, Itsuki Koizumi, and Yuki Nagato into one place, the SOS Brigade. The story is indirect in saying how much Yuki, Mikuru and Itsuki know about each other.
Yuki Nagato: Yuki is a bibliophile humanoid interface, created by Data Integration Thought Entity, whose responsibilities involve monitoring Haruhi and the investigation of an unexplained "explosion of data" three years prior to the present story. She possesses an ability to manipulate her surrounding environment, or "data" as quoted by her. Yuki is very quiet but can speak at length when it has to do with her mission or a problem that has arisen. While she always seems to be engrossed in her reading, she comments that she is only relatively interested in them. Yuki gives hints and aid to Kyon throughout the series. She almost never shows any emotions, but there are times when she shows interest in certain things, such as programming computer games and playing them, as well as reading (in the light novel The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi it is further revealed that she may have developed an interest in writing). It is revealed in The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi novel and film that she does develop emotions. In her context, developing emotions is like accumulating error data which will cause a bug to trigger anomalous behavior. The unpleasant emotions developed throughout the series (caused by the people around her) makes her wish for a normal world, whereby she finally takes action in the 'Disappearance' episode. Yuki is well-acquainted with time travel and that Mikuru is a time traveler. Mikuru and Itsuki are aware that Yuki can do amazing things, but know far less about it than Kyon does.

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