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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Raimuiro Senkitan (らいむいろ戦奇譚, lit. Lime-Colored Exotic War Story) is a 13 episode anime that aired in Japan between January 5, 2003 and March 30, 2003. It is based on a hentai game by ELF, giving the series heavy doses of sexual innuendos as well as girls in both their underwear and fully nude (although covering themselves).

It has two sequels Raimuiro Ryukitan X and Raimuiro Senkitan: The South Island Dream Romantic Adventure respectively.

The story takes place in 1904 (37th year of the Meiji Era) during the Russo-Japanese War in which former Japanese diplomat, Shintaro Umakai, becomes the teacher of a secret group of teenage girls, the Raimu Unit, who are based on the flying battleship Amanohara. The girl's Konjiki (supernatural powers) enables them to operate unmanned mecha named Raimu against Russian Raimu units led by Grigori Rasputin who often attack the Amanohara while it's travelling towards Port Arthur for the final battle.

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