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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Shivan Scimitar
  • Saladin (formerly named Philip Pandragon, the Crownprince of Kingdom of Pandragon) is the 21 year old leader of a mercenary group Shivan Scimitar. A superb fighter and tactician, he is referred to as "the rising star of Tur." He was imprisoned in Tur when he was young as result of power struggle within the royal family of Pandragon. His true intention of staying in Tur was to find his little brother, but also to drag the civil war between Tur, so that his country Pandragon can have the upper hand in war.
  • Sapi Al Din is first son of the former sultan, Schleiman V, he is a friend of Saladin and has charismatic and liberal mindset. Saladin views him like an older brother, and Sapi Al Din views Saladin as a younger brother. With Saladin's help, he is eventually successful in reclaiming the Empire of Tur.
  • Sherazard is the younger sister of Sapi Al Din who take refugee to the Church of Angra for safety. Referred to as "the Saint of Mutanabi," she is revered by the masses as someone that is willing to help those in need. She has a tendency to become too emotionally attached to certain things which eventually do her harm.
  • Marzana, Mukhafa, and Valor the Evil Eye form Shivan Scimitar.
  • Yan Zisuka is the most prominent member of the Janissaries, the only warriors in Tur allowed to wield lightsabers. An exceptionally skilled fighter, she has met Saladin in the past, and vitally influenced him (albeit unintentionally). Her name is pronounced identically to Jan Zizka, the Hussite general.

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