Closet Child is a small chain of used clothing stores in Japan  

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What is Closet Child?
Closet Child is a small chain of used clothing stores in Japan. They acquire used items (and new ones on occasion, usually items like socks) from people and then resell them.

What type of clothing do they have?
The stuff they get is Punk, Lolita and Gothic. They don't usually carry other styles unless certain brands they carry venture into that (MILK has some stuff that is very 'normal' or even 'gyaru' style, for example).

What do the stars in the item description mean?
These are a three star rating on the quality of the item. Three stars is the best, this is like new (or actually new, depending on the item) and 1 star is the worst. 1 star items usually have some problems, which are always displayed in the photos. They don't generally sell really bad items though, so if something you really want is at 1 star but looks to be okay..don't worry!

Does their site show everything in stores?
As far as I know, no they don't. I'm pretty sure the stores have a lot of stock so it's too difficult to put them on the site and keep track of it all. The site does have quite a bit though, so take a look!

Do they ship overseas?
Yes! However, they will only take Credit Cards and Paypal so far. Read further into this guide for more information on ordering from them
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