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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hallo, I was hoping that someone may have some insight on the artist Tukiji Nao, always seemingly spelt without an 's' after the 'T'...

Nao is a doujin and stationary artist and creates ridiculously detailed works and, try as I might, I can't seem to find any information on her other than her favourite food and links to her doujin circle.

What I want to know is her process, does anyone have any ideas as to how this is done? On close inspection, it looks for the most part hand-made, with paint, possibly acrylic. What size must the originals be in order to hold this much detail? The colours seem brighter than acrylic, possibly touched up with coloured ink? Pencil --> ink --> paint? All on the same page? the inking is usually very delicate, uniformly drawn and sepia-toned.

Some of her work must have been CGd at some point, such as where there are glowing lights added and shine etc. but the rest really does look hand-done. Anyone disagree?

I don't know if a 'true' answer is possible, I'll take anyone's guesses!
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