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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daredevil & Elektra
From fans to fans! I always liked comic books, I even think that I’ve learned to read from them. When I discovered “Marvel” and “DC comics“, wow, I was delighted! Spiderman with his archenemies, Superman with his outworld powers, Batman and incredible Jocker, Captain America, mighty Thor, and of course X – men! I surely left someone out, but, this isn’t story of superheroes – this is a gallery of their relationships: kisses, hugs, close relationships, loves… Actually, it is complicated to explain, so enjoy these pics, and remind me of some couple that I miss!
Reed Richards & Sue Storm
Gambit & Psylocke
Wolverine & Jean Gray
Cecilia & Nightcrawler
Iceman & Mystique
Rogue & Iceman
Wolverine & Emma Frost
Batman & Robin
Superman & Supergirl
Poison Ivy & Supergirl
Gambit & Rogue
Superman & Wonder Woman

Spiderman & Black Cat

Batman & Poison Ivy
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