Bayou Pon Pon  

Sunday, October 4, 2009

(a) theres a place I know youll want to go,
(d) if youre ever feeling low,For the
(a) happiest place beneath the sun,Is saturday night on ba -
(e7) you pon (a) pon.
Oh the fiddles sing and the guitars ring,They have no thought of care or pain,Its time to dance their work is done,Its saturday night on ba - you pon pon.Oh sweet marie shell dance with me,And such a sight youll never see,Te - rese, annette and jole` - blon,Will all be there at ba - you pon pon.Its a jamboree at st. landree,They have a good time, oh yes, oui!, oui!,They come from st. charles, st. james, st. john,Its saturday night on ba - you pon pon.

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