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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chains (チェイン Chein)
Beings from the Abyss that were at one point human, transformed by the Will of the Abyss. They must sign a contract with a human contractor in order to leave the Abyss. Chains involved in illegal contracts must repeatedly consume humans in order to gain power....
Contract (契約 Keiyaku)
An agreement between a chain and a contractor. The chain is bound within the contractor and can be called out at will. In return, the contractor provides passage for the chain out of the Abyss. Legal contracts, that were made possible by Pandora, granted the ability never to age to the Contractor. In illegal contracts, a clock-like seal appears somewhere on the Contractor's body, over their heart. Each time the chain's powers are drawn, the hand in the seal moves like on a clock. Once the hand makes one full rotation, both the contractor and the chain are dragged into the deepest level of the Abyss.
Contractor (契約者 Keiyakusha)
A human who makes a contract with a chain. There are certain procedures to making a contract, but impromptu contracts can also be made, although they are illegal.

Abyss (アヴィス Abisu)
The world that chains come from. It exists in a different dimension as the world, and as thus, time doesn't truly exist in the Abyss. A person can find themselves in any random time period upon exiting the Abyss. According to Break, the Abyss can appear as a prison or a broken toy box, depending on the person.
Intention of the Abyss (アヴィスの意志 Abisu no Ishi)
The existence that governs the Abyss. Usually appears in the form of a bloodied rabbit doll with big round eyes. The real form of the Intention of the Abyss is Alice with white hair, dressed similarly in white. Apparently the Intention of the Abyss wants Oz and Alice to go back in the Abyss, and is somehow connected to Alice. The Intention of Abyss was born in the Abyss at the same time that Alice was born in the human world. The Will of Abyss hates Alice and want to destroy her. It is revealed her real name is also Alice.
Four Great Dukedom (四大公爵家 Yondai Koushaku Ke)
It currently consists of the Vessalius, Rainsworth, Nightray and Barma family. These four Dukedoms have been in existence before the Tragedy of Sablier. They founded the Pandora and each hold chains and a door to the Abyss. Of these four houses, the Vessalius and Nightray houses are thought of as exact opposites, like light and dark: the Vessalius house works publicly, while the Nightray house is responsible for doing the backstage work.
Before the Tragedy of Sablier occurred, the Vessalius family was only a third class noble family, and thus, not part of the four dukedoms. Instead, the fourth Dukedom was the Baskerville house - with Glen as the head. When Jack killed Glen for starting the Tragedy of Sablier, the Vessalius family were seen as heroes. And thus, the Vessalius substitute the Baskervilles, as the fourth dukedom. Therefore, the Baskervilles holds the fifth door to the abyss.
Pandora (パンドラ Pandora)
An organization founded by the four dukedoms. It specializes in research regarding the Abyss.

Tragedy of Sablier (サブリエの悲劇 Saburie no Higeki)
The city of Sablier was once the capital city of the world. However, 100 years ago, for unknown reasons, Glen Baskerville used a ritual to send the entire city, with its citizens, into the Abyss. Glen was then supposedly killed by the four duke houses.
Doors are gates to the Abyss that the four dukedoms control. Each dukedom has control over one, with Baskerville holding the last, fifth Door. It is revealed in Chapter 41 that all along, the door of the Baskerville's was hidden in Sablier, which is under Pandora's control. Yet, Pandora has never thought to look within to find it.
Blood Sealing Mirrors
An item used to make a legal contract. Instead of the chain drinking the blood of the contractor, the blood gets absorbed into the mirror where a seal is formed, keeping the seal off of the person. If the mirror is broken, you can lose the contract to the chain. It also has a limit on the power you can use.
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