Tohru Adumi’s Vanillesose Marchen  

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vanillesose Marchen is a doujin released by Tohru Adumi, under the circle name Kotobukikei during C77. I have a love/hate relationship with her, because I like her art very much, but she draws quite a number of bishounen, with sometimes an entire doujinshi dedicated to them. Well, the worst must have been the doujinshi for a very popular shounen with ninja inside ( Not telling the title, I don’t want to be referenced for it lol ). Vanillesose Marchen is the first and unique doujinshi I have from her. It’s a 25 pages, B5 sized doujinshi, with a thin cardboard cover, with a frilly cutting for the front, and the rest is a standard plastic paper.
The promotional picture was the pink middle one. If I remember correctly, back at that time the artist had her pink period, hence this very nice illustration. I really like the way she draws hair and eyes. I don’t remember her using a lot of highly saturated colors. There are more desaturated color, and in some drawing, there are few colors, giving the illustration some sense of tradition and age, which is soothing. This is complemented by the design of the clothes.
The brown one also reminds me of the cover of Byakuya Chakai. The pose is almost the same, and it follows the same contrast scheme, saturation. The difference is the eyes which here, fits the general color set, unlike Tinkle’s green eyes which are attracting in the sea of pink. Nevertheless, both are lovingly mesmerizing.
I already liked Tohru Adumi before, and I’m glad I got this doujin. It’s not expensive to get her publication since she isn’t as camped as some other high profile artist. She has a particular style which reminds of old fashion, and some German touch, with the text and design.There are also some English poem inside to complement the illustration. For once, it’s not really Engrish.
Concerning the scans, I didn’t debind the doujin since I have only one copy like most of my doujinshi anyway. I had to flatten it quite a lot on scanner bed, but I think it’s good enough. I didn’t scan the pages without illustration, so that my copy doesn’t get too damaged over time. In the archive, the two page spread illustrations are already stitched, and I didn’t put one illustration in this article, because it’s mainly made of bishounen. Lastly, I added the lightbox to Wordpress so that there is no need to load the image in another page. I hope it works.

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