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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Crimson Crusade

  • The Grandduke of Beaumont is a young noble, formerly imprisoned in Tur with his brother, Philip Pandragon. His true name is John Pandragon, but he forbids everybody from calling him by his first name, telling all to refer to him as Grandduke of Beaumont. After his imprisonment at a young age, he became ruthless and vengeful, and hates Tur with a passion. His ruthless methods and beliefs, which run contrary to his handsome and boyish features, have him at odds with many nobles, and have forced many of the people that serve him to second-guess their loyalty.
  • William Locksley is main advisor to Beaumont, and believes in the ideal of a strong monarchy called Machia-Vellism from Empire of Gaysir—something Pandragon hasn't had for a while. He believes Beaumont to be the ideal ruler—cold, calculating, and decisive. He is Beaumont's staunchest supporter, but even he is sometimes shocked by the malicious intents of Beaumont. He is a friend of Machia Velli, the Gaysir politician.
  • Joel Salisbury is an old knight that has served Pandragon for his entire life, and is an expert swordsman despite his old age. Having known Beaumont before his imprisonment, he is constantly concerned about the malice of Beaumont. Often, he provides the voice of reason, but is too loyal to openly oppose Beaumont.
  • Reonardo Elfinstone is a young mage that initially sides with Beaumont, but leaves him after he realizes that Beaumont desires to be a tyrant. A skilled mage in all aspects, he possesses a secret that, if exposed, would mark him for death.
  • The Duke of Heistings, originally named William Heistings, is the leader of the anti-Beaumont section of the nobles, and one of Beaumont's chief enemy. While not a weak man, he is cornered by a dark pact that he formed with a shrouded entity, and is ultimately not ruthless enough to defeat Beaumont.
  • Viola Heistings is William's daughter, and Beaumont's former lover. She is torn between her loyalty to her father, and her still passionate love for Beaumont. Her actions ultimately decide the result of the civil war between Beaumont and Heistings.

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