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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mixture, produced by Kaori Minakami (水上カオリ) is a gorgeous collection of Vocaloid illustrations inspired by the Vocaloid original songs themselves. This doujinshi was released during Comiket 76, is 24 pages long and entirely in color.
As I mentioned, all the pictures are inspired by the music and the art work in the songs, so links to the inspiration Niconico Douga videos are provided next to each of the illustrations. I've always been more into the art work than the music for Vocaloid, so some of these were new to me ^^; The cover illustration of Hatsune Miku is featured in full inside of the book, and is the one illustration that was not associated with a song.
The second illustration is the opening for this post, featuring the "Test Tube Princess" from the song of the same title, which you can watch here. I love Kaori Minakami's rendition, it's hauntingly beautiful. I'm really not a fan of the song though ^^
The next one is a very sexy picture of Kaito and Hatsune Miku, influenced by the カンタレラ (Kantarera) song. This one is sung by Kaito and Miku, and the video though in black and white, has them dressed in much the same way as the Minakami illustration.
There are also three guest artists included in the book, the first being Yuhsa Nitoh. Yuhsa Nitoh was inspired by the amusing Popipo (ぽっぴっぽ) Vegetable Juice song and video.
The second is for "Stardust Utopia" (星屑ユートピア) sung solely by Megurine Luka. And the final one is of "Toeto"; who from what I've read is supposed to be Megurine Luka as a child. Either way, that song is adorable, and so is the illustration for it. This is a great collection of art work that really lets you explore the music of Vocaloid at the same time!

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