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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The house in the northwest of Pallet is the residence of the player's character. The first floor of the house is the living room, and the second floor is the player's bedroom. Other than a PC that holds one Potion at the beginning of the game, there is little to do in this house. The character's mother is seen in the house whenever the player enters; unlike the player's mother in Gold and Silver, this mother does little to further the game's story, although she can heal the player's Pokémon, making the house the equivalent of a Pokemon center. The father is never seen.
The house to the northeast is the residence of both Professor Oak and his grandchildren. His grandson, your rival, never appears in this house, but his granddaughter does appear, and gives the player a map of the Kanto region.
The laboratory in Pallet is where Professor Oak does most of his research. The first time the player attempts to leave Pallet Town, Oak leads the player into the lab to choose his first Pokémon. There is also a computer in the corner that displays an e-mail to Oak, inviting him to watch a battle at the Indigo Plateau. Given the lack of Pokémon professors in the game only the town of origin in Pokémon games has a professor and their level of expertise, it can be assumed that most if not all trainers in the continuity of the game travel to Pallet in order to start a Pokémon trainer's journey. This assumption is merely fanon

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