Top Ten Universities in China with the Most Beautiful Girls  

Friday, November 13, 2009

We have already uncovered the top ten cities in China with the most beautiful women. While some argued the list was highly opinionated, some liked it and said it had some truth to it. Now do you want to know which university in China has the most beautiful girls? This list from ifeng ranks the top ten. Attention! Guys who are preparing for the university entrance exam, this list is for reference only, studying is still more important, do not study while thinking about pretty girls otherwise you might miss bigger things.
Communication University of China, formerly known as Beijing Broadcasting Institute is directly under the People’s Republic of China Ministry of Education National “211 Project” which is one of the universities committed to provide high-level personnel training and scientific research on radio, television, film, internet publishing, newspapers and news media. It is a well-known information propagation educational institution. In this highest institution of the Chinese media, there are full of talents and beauties, these girls not only have beautiful appearances, but also are insightful and talented. Most graduates are now central and local television hosts.

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