Please Twins is an anime television series, scripted by Yousuke Kuroda and produced by Bandai Visual  

Monday, September 28, 2009

Please Twins! (おねがい☆ツインズ, Onegai Tsuinzu, Onegai ☆ Twins), is an anime television series, scripted by Yousuke Kuroda and produced by Bandai Visual, which was later adapted into a light novel and one-volume manga series. It centers around a family of three teenagers in high school all living together who are unsure which two of them are related to each other due to a reference from an old photograph. The Please Twins! anime series is a spin-off sequel to Please Teacher! that first aired in Japan on the WOWOW satellite television network on July 15, 2003 and finished with a total of 12 episodes plus a later OVA episode released on DVD. The series was later adapted into a light novel in 2004, which spanned a total of two volumes and, soon after, into a short one-tankōbon manga version (authored by Japanese mangaka Arikan), which was serialized in MediaWorks's Dengeki Daioh magazine in September 2005.

Please Twins! is a story mainly revolving around three high school students: Maiku Kamishiro, Karen Onodera, and Miina Miyafuji. The three were drawn together by a photograph of their childhood home which later makes all of them seek out the house in the picture. However, the picture only has two children - a boy and a girl. Hence, only one of the girls, Karen or Miina, is related to Maiku. The only other identifying feature of the pair in the picture is that the boy and the girl have eyes of the same unusual color; a feature that furthers the ambiguity as all three of them have the same eye color.
The main concern of the male lead, Maiku, is that he is in love with both of the girls, and he does not know which one is his twin. In addition, the two girls are in love with Maiku, forming a love triangle that can't be resolved until the truth of their relationship is known. The three main characters, mostly the two female leads, are in a predicament of wanting to discover their past versus the risk of losing a romantic relationship.
The events of the story are set after Please Teacher! and characters from the series appear in supporting roles throughout Please Twins!.

As with Please Teacher!, the setting of the series is Lake Kizaki, located in Nagano, Japan, and the region and its surrounding locations are featured prominently and accurately across the series. For instance, in one episode, characters travel to Karuizawa, Nagano located on the Nagano Shinkansen and Shinano Railway line. The shopping center, staircase, and Church Street all are located 2 kilometers north of JR Karuizawa Station off the main road. The track that Miina and her childhood friend run on is said to be in Ueda, Nagano, also on the Nagano Shinkansen and Shinano Railway lines just south of Nagano City. The time it takes place is following the Please Teacher! series, which did not occur before 2009.

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