After Mutsumi moves to Tokyo, Naru's sister Mei arrives at Hinata House to try and take Naru back home  

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

After Mutsumi moves to Tokyo, Naru's sister Mei arrives at Hinata House to try and take Naru back home. To achieve this, she attempts to set Keitaro and Mutsumi up as a couple. As Mei tries to convince Naru to return home, they discover an old photo showing Naru, Mutsumi and Keitaro playing together as children, which causes Naru to believe that Mutsumi is Keitaro's promise girl. Grandma Hina returns to Hinata House to renovate the building, and Keitaro is called back home by his parents, unsure if he will remain landlord of Hinata House. The residents of Hinata House must move out temporarily while the renovation takes place, and so Naru returns home. Naru arrives at Mutsumi's apartment to show her the childhood photo, and walks in on Mutsumi and Keitaro in a compromising position. Naru kisses Keitaro and runs off, dropping the photo. Grandma Hina later announces she is leaving Hinata House in Keitaro's care, and the residents return after the renovation is complete. Eventually it's decided that no one is sure who the promise girl is, and Keitaro convinces Naru to return to Hinata House.
At Christmas, Keitaro hears a rumour that confessing your love to someone before midnight on Christmas Eve will lead to that person loving you forever. Inspired by this, Keitaro works a part time job in order to buy a present for Naru, but injures his ankle. After professing his feelings to Naru, she runs off suddenly. Eventually the two try to meet up with each other, but due to his injury slowing him down, he is unable to reach her before midnight. With time running out, Naru takes advantage of a TV camera crew to share her real feelings to Keitaro over the local big screen TV's. Despite confessing their feelings to each other, their relationship does not advance. Naru is quick to downplay her public confession to the other residents of Hinata House.

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