Noto Arisa is no longer a part of Hello! Project  

Monday, March 1, 2010

The leader of Hello! Pro Egg, Noto Arisa, has today graduated from the eggs and Hello! Project at their Shinjin Kouen concerts in Yokohama. I've been feeling sad over this because Noto is a really good idol whom I've always hoped would get a chance to be in a bigger act. However, by attending the show today it made me realize that not much will change for her. Nocchi will no longer be a part of H!P, but she will still be in the Up-Front Agency as an Up-Front Egg. She will also stay in Gatas Brilhantes and Ongaku Gatas. We just won't get to see her at the Eggs events anymore. That is not necessarily a bad thing taking in consideration that she's turning 21 this year and should probably fit better in a different environment, with most of the eggs being around 12-16 years old.

The graduation wasn't made into a big deal either. No songs were added on the set list. After it was over all girls left the stage and Nocchi came back and held a speech thanking the fans for their support and asking them to keep on supporting all other girls for her. She also told us about what she will be doing from now on which involves voice-acting, manga drawing (which I find great that an idol is interested in) and other things like the usual as stageplays and etc. It would be great if she could score a big role in a popular anime and then get to even release some music. Nocchi is an Otaku herself and she have always wanted to work with anime related things.

Thanks for your time in H!P and good luck with everything you take on in the future, Nocchi. Your career as a H!P member was flawless and if anything prevented you from getting to be a part of bigger projects it was only a lousy management.

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